Seesaw for Collaboration

Recently I discovered Seesaw! Up until then, my Year 2 students had created amazing work with their iPads but I had not ventured down the path of social sharing. I want my students to be digitally literate to prepare them for their future and Seesaw is how I am introducing them to this.



Here are the reasons why I like Seesaw:

  • It is easy to use.
  • Students’ posts require teacher authorisation prior to going live.
  • Any posts that are inappropriate can be declined and deleted.
  • Students are learning to engage in social networking in a safe and strictly monitored way.
  • It is a closed group.
  • Seesaw can be used at school and home allowing students to collaborate outside of school hours.

Some ideas:

  • Upload images as a stimulus prior to learning.
  • Uploading documents for students to download prior to class.


  • Class reminders.
  • Students uploading completed tasks that I can check later and provide feedback on.
  • Students uploading work for others to review and give feedback.


Give it a go!


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