Maths Warm Up Ideas

  1.   Classroom Dice and Learning Tools Apps

Teacher to mirror iPad to the board with Classroom Dice Lite App. Depending on the age of the students or the intent of the lesson, roll a single, double or triple dice.  OR – Students to work in pairs and “partner A” – rolls the dice on their iPad.  Students all (or Partner B) open Learning Tools – Whiteboard and record as many   different equations or single digit representations as they can – share ideas by explaining how they worked it out.2. Targeting Maths App

Select an area for students to practice the current area of focus in Maths. Students set timer on their iPads for 10 minutes to work on that task. Set Badge Levels in Targeting Maths as goals for that session.

Give it a try!

Kidspiration Exporting Tip!

Let me first start by saying …AAAARRRGHHHH

Why! Oh why, did Kidspiration every think that they needed to put in a Parental Gate to prevent children from exporting???

Even as a “Grown-Up” I struggle with holding the triangle for 5 seconds. Is it 5-Mississippi seconds or 5-quick seconds?? I don’t know, let alone the students.

Here is a fix, to rid the “Parental Gate”.


  1. Go into Settings App and locate Kidspiration on the left (it is in alphabetical order).

2. Select “Teacher’s Mode”. Even for students! I tell my students that they need to select “Teacher’s Mode” as they are working with me, their “Teacher”. You will NEVER have to hold the triangle, shell or whatever shape for however many seconds ever again!!!

Give it a try!


Brainstorming Class Rules


Teacher to use Kidspiration or Inspiration Maps to record student’s ideas. Guide your students to group similar rules together and discuss which rules are more important to have.


Export the final brainstorm into your camera roll. Airdrop this image to your students. Students collaboratively create a Book Creator/Explain Everything project illustrating your Class Rules.

Export to Seesaw, Class Rules folder.

Give it a try!