Editing with Seesaw

Are you a time-poor teacher? Gone are the days of taking home 25 writing books to edit overnight ready for the follow up lesson the next day thanks to the Seesaw App!

Have students upload their writing onto Seesaw ready for you to edit anytime and anywhere! Students receive your feedback ready for the next lesson. If you have eager beavers like I do, you’ll have some students take on your editing feedback before the next lesson… another benefit of a 1:1 BYO program.

Seesaw has many advantages for BYO classrooms and this idea is only one of them. If you haven’t signed your class up onto Seesaw…what are you waiting for? Click here to sign up to Seesaw.

Give it a try!

Editing using Camera

Mistakes are proof of trying!

Yes, that phrase is true… however if students don’t know that they’re making a mistake, they will not know what to correct when a teacher says to them to go back and edit their work.

Teachers need to teach students HOW TO EDIT.

Using an iPad’s camera is a powerful editing tool.

Carefully select a student’s work that has features that you are focusing on. The example I used above was to discuss the use of full stops. I read the sentences to the class and it wasn’t long before students identified full stops were placed at the end of each and every line.

This was a perfect moment to reinforce “whisper reading” for students to hear where the natural┬ápause of the sentence falls and to check for the subject and the predicate in their sentences.

Give it a try!