Comparing stereotypical vs nonstereotypical

After reading Emily and the Dragon, we were discussing how Emily is not your┬ástereotypical female character. Instead of students completing a Venn diagram comparison, we took it one step further and had students create an avatar of a stereotypical princess in the App WeeMee. This allowed for a fun discussion about her appearance; what hair style, hair colour, clothing options and leisure activities she “should” have.

They exported this image to their camera roll to import into a table created in Pages.

Before teaching a 1:1 iPad class, I never would have┬áplanned for Year 2 students to create a table for a Venn diagram. How times have changed! Not only do I transform their learning, I’ve also transformed my thinking of what students can and can’t do… really there isn’t much they can’t do with an iPad.

Give it a try!