Kidspiration Exporting Tip!

Let me first start by saying …AAAARRRGHHHH

Why! Oh why, did Kidspiration every think that they needed to put in a Parental Gate to prevent children from exporting???

Even as a “Grown-Up” I struggle with holding the triangle for 5 seconds. Is it 5-Mississippi seconds or 5-quick seconds?? I don’t know, let alone the students.

Here is a fix, to rid the “Parental Gate”.


  1. Go into Settings App and locate Kidspiration on the left (it is in alphabetical order).

2. Select “Teacher’s Mode”. Even for students! I tell my students that they need to select “Teacher’s Mode” as they are working with me, their “Teacher”. You will NEVER have to hold the triangle, shell or whatever shape for however many seconds ever again!!!

Give it a try!


Brainstorming Class Rules


Teacher to use Kidspiration or Inspiration Maps to record student’s ideas. Guide your students to group similar rules together and discuss which rules are more important to have.


Export the final brainstorm into your camera roll. Airdrop this image to your students. Students collaboratively create a Book Creator/Explain Everything project illustrating your Class Rules.

Export to Seesaw, Class Rules folder.

Give it a try!

Writing ideas in Kidspiration

We recently had our school’s community fundraiser event, so, what a great stimulus idea for writing!

All students went, so they all had a personal connection to the topic.

To ensure all students were able to write an entertaining recount, we collaboratively made a Kidspiration map about the rides and stalls that were there.

img_1322Including some images assists the visual learners and adding the feeling of ‘scary’ reminds all students to expand their ideas.

After we had our planning session, students went ahead to independently write their own recount.

I didn’t have any student saying that they didn’t know what to write!


Give it a try!


Word Work with Kidspiration

I’m always thinking of new activities to keep Word Work interesting for my students. My teaching partner and I were exploring making a Word Family Tree in Book Creator. However, it proved to be very time consuming and detracted from the purpose of the lesson.

We then thought about using Kidspiration to make a Hot Air Ballon using the movie “Up” as inspiration. The idea took off!

We added a collaborative aspect of students swapping hot air ballon maps as a “blind sort” for a buddy to identify the sort headings.


Give it a try!




Book Summary in Book Creator

As the kids walked in they saw this message on the board….


There was a buzz in the room as the kids were all trying to guess what they were going to do next.


As a back up to either:

a) WiFi issues

b) Don’t have the QRafter App

kids were told if they had any issues they could go up to the book and take a photo of the book cover and crop it.

Once all the students had scanned the QR code, I gave them the next instruction…


The above Story Graph is from Seven Steps to Writing Success.

Instead of having the students write the various elements onto the story gimg_1234raph, I had them record their voices. The main focus of the lesson was not writing, it was their ability to summarise the story.

I chose the Book Creator App for the students to produce their Book Summary. The reason being is that when you record your voice a “Speaker Button” appears and we used that to indicate the various elements of the story.


What would have taken one hour was done in 15 minutes!


This allowed us time to move onto brainstorming a new Sizzling Start for the story in Kidspiration.


Give it a go!