YouTube style procedure videos

Have you ever watched how to do something on YouTube? Chances are that your students have too and they all would love to be Youtubers! So instead of having the students write down each step of the procedure, I thought of transforming their learning by getting each student to do a selfie-video on ‘How to Brush Your Teeth’.

I chose the topic of ‘How to Brush Your Teeth’ as brushing teeth is a task all kids can do a little better. Have you ever smelt a kid’s breath in the morning??

Each student received their own new toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste. I went through the correct way to brush and off they went.

Each and every student was engaged. They all went home and showed their parents and siblings.

Next time you’re introducing a new genre, remember to include time for oral presentations, especially selfie-videos!

Give it a try!