Book Summary in Book Creator

As the kids walked in they saw this message on the board….


There was a buzz in the room as the kids were all trying to guess what they were going to do next.


As a back up to either:

a) WiFi issues

b) Don’t have the QRafter App

kids were told if they had any issues they could go up to the book and take a photo of the book cover and crop it.

Once all the students had scanned the QR code, I gave them the next instruction…


The above Story Graph is from Seven Steps to Writing Success.

Instead of having the students write the various elements onto the story gimg_1234raph, I had them record their voices. The main focus of the lesson was not writing, it was their ability to summarise the story.

I chose the Book Creator App for the students to produce their Book Summary. The reason being is that when you record your voice a “Speaker Button” appears and we used that to indicate the various elements of the story.


What would have taken one hour was done in 15 minutes!


This allowed us time to move onto brainstorming a new Sizzling Start for the story in Kidspiration.


Give it a go!



Chance and Data with Kahoot

Today I used Kahoot and QRafter to engage my class with Chance and Data.

img_1197 I made a short Kahoot survey to gain the students interest in collecting data, creating graphs and analysing data. The students had a real hoot! You don’t need the app, it works fine on their website.

img_1192Instead of getting the students to type the URL (, I created a QR code with QRafter and had the students scan it and open the link.  Watching the kids open the link was like watching them open a box of chocolates!

img_1193In my Kahoot survey I allowed 20 seconds for students to select a response. This time went VERY fast. Next time, I’d allow at least 30 seconds response time.

img_1195 I really liked the immediate column graph after each question. We were able to analyse the data and make inferences with the results.

Give it a try!