Home reading 📖 task with a twist 🌪

Sometimes, the best learning moments are not intentionally planned…

Every week I assign my students ebooks for their home reading using Sunshine Classics. However last week, for the first time EVER, I forgot. I had parents emailing me asking “where were this weeks books?”. I confessed that I had forgotten due to assessment week and quickly created a task for them, as I did not have 30 minutes to assign ebooks books for all the students.

The task > upload a selfie video of you reading a book from home onto Seesaw.

Seesaw home reading

It was great to see:

  • The kids relaxed whilst they were reading
  • How confident they were taking a selfie video
  • Wonderful fluency that entertained

AND most of all

  • Peers leaving positive feedback


I would definitely do this task again.

Give it a try!