DQ aka Digital intelligence with Seesaw

Have I told you I love the Seesaw App?

It ticks so many boxes for a 1:1 BYO class.

I love that as a teacher I have complete control over my student’s digital communication journey. I have complete power to accept or deny their contributions (and their parents). However, they will take a while before realising why an item was denied. Which is why, I always explain to students why a piece was denied.

At times, I accept contributions that are a great learning point for all and discuss the reasons of appropriateness with the whole class. Take this example below…

We discussed the comment of ‘that was amazing’. I asked the students what they thought the comment was referring to. There were several suggestions as to what she could be referring to. We talked about when writing comments, they need to be specific so the reader knows exactly what you’re talking about.

Then I showed them this screenshot….

I had a photo of a puffin with the question ‘which country can you find Puffins in?’. We talked about the students who replied in response to the question, they did a great job.

Then we talked about the other responses such as ‘cool’ and ‘nice work’ which didn’t answer the question. I explained to my class that everyone saw these comments and once you hit ‘post’ you can’t take it back so before they hit the post button they need to think about if their comment is answering the question or providing useful feedback in a positive way.

Each time students post their work to Seesaw we talk about what would be an appropriate comment and what wouldn’t be appropriate. As educators it’s our job to explicitly build student’s DQ whilst they are young, so when they become teenagers they are cyber savvy.

Here are couple of infographics for DQ:

If you have any questions about how I use Seesaw, please write them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you.

Give it a try!

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