iMotion Fairytales

Fairytales and movies go hand in hand. So I thought, iMotion would be a perfect match for our current English unit.

When introducing a new App, I always use concepts students have prior knowledge on so their focus is purely on discovering the App. I printed off images of the characters from The Three Little Pigs for students to use to create their first iMotion. I made a quick exemplar for the students to conceptualise what an iMotion final product looks like, showed them the basics and they were ready. We decided one  partner was to be the camera person and the other the moving person.


After they made their iMotion, they needed to export the video to their Camera roll and airdrop the video to their buddy, so they both had a copy and then individually upload to Seesaw for their parents and peers to view.

I was pleasantly surprised with my student’s team work effort and their reflections on their final videos. There were lots of ‘next time’ statements being made, which is excellent as NEXT WEEK we will be starting to collaboratively change stereotypical characters to non-stereotypical and I can’t wait as to what they come up with for the Little Pigs or the wolf. Stay tuned for next weeks iMotion update…

Give it a try!



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